Different Wastewaters Require Different Decentralized Solutions

Source: Bio-Microbics, Inc.
Different Wastewaters Require Different Decentralized Solutions

When we think decentralization, we often think of smaller and smaller systems, supporting a single-family home or business. So it was interesting to sit down with Bob Rebori, President of Bio-Microbics recently and learn that the Company is being asked to build larger decentralized systems to support a variety of commercial applications.

“With the municipal concept, everything’s mixed together. It’s basically very similar all the time,” said Rebori. “With decentralized wastewater treatment, it’s source-specific.” Winery wastewater for example has high sugar content. Brewery wastewater requires heat removal before you can treat.

To learn more about the different types of wastewaters that can be treated in by decentralized systems and some of the different treatment challenges these wastewaters pose, listen here:

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