Demystifying Intelligent Water, Or What To Do With Data Overload


Do your eyes glaze over when the words "smart water" or "intelligent water" are mentioned? If so, a new collaborative paper between Arcadis and Bluefield Research may be your antidote. First, learn the who, what, where, and why from Jim Cooper, the Intelligent Water Lead for Arcadis, in this Water Talk interview. Jim discusses what intelligent water is, why it matters, and why utilities need to start using it today, as well as the very important human element intertwined with all that technology. The issue, he explains, is that while we're able to collect mountains of data, many utilities don’t know how to utilize it. If the full potential of data is realized, it can help to solve many of the industry's greatest challenges, at less cost. Take the first step toward demystifying intelligent water with this introductory discussion.