Brochure | April 12, 2013

Deltabar FMD72 Brochure

Source: Endress+Hauser, Inc.

Eliminate mechanical issues with Endress+Hauser’s new Electronic Differential Pressure Systems

Differential Pressure measurement is often used to measure the level in pressurized and vacuum tanks. Traditional differential pressure measurement using impulse lines and capillaries have issues that can lead to less accuracy, process safety risks and greater total cost of ownership. This can be especially true in tall distillation towers or other vessels with varying ambient temperatures.

• Eliminate measurement drift due to ambient temperature changes - up to 95%
• Differential pressure, head pressure and sensor temperature from one system - available via HART®
• Continuous health indication of the entire system via HART® diagnostics
• Faster response time than traditional capillary systems - up to 10 times faster!
• Standard cabling connections provide flexibility

For more information, please visit our website at Electronic differential pressure Deltabar FMD72 .