Decentralization Grows With Worldwide Property Development Expansion

Source: Fluence
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Decentralization Grows With Worldwide Property Development Expansion

One of the trends in water and wastewater treatment over the past decade has been a growing demand for decentralized systems. Water Talk recently caught up with Nii Mensah, General Manager of Fluence USA, to learn more about the solutions that the new company (formed by the merger of RWL Water and Emefcy) is bringing to market to address communities’ treatment needs.

“We specifically recognized that China is getting ready to install several hundreds of thousands of wastewater treatment plants,” said Mensah. “Because these Chinese communities are located so disparately throughout the country, these plants are going to have to be decentralized.”

As Mensah explains, Fluence’s focus is on modularity, fast deployment, custom engineering and remote monitoring. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Company’s Neurobox solution, that packages an entire treatment system from screens in the front end to disinfection in the back with everything sandwiched between into a single container. 

To learn more about how the Company is supplying water to 10,000 Cape Town residents with Neurobox to a host of other technologies including smart aeration, arsenic removal and anaerobic digestion, listen here:

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