News | August 1, 2017

De Nora Expands Onsite Generation At Santan Vista (Ariz.) Water Treatment Plant With Innovative ClorTec® System

Source: De Nora
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Innovative plant installs ClorTec generator train to meet water needs of two growing towns

De Nora will soon install a ClorTec® sodium hypochlorite generator train to expand the on-site sodium hypochlorite generation (OSHG) capacity of the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant in Gilbert, Arizona. The plant currently uses two ClorTec® units to help provide the highest quality of drinking water to more than 100,000 residents of the town of Gilbert and the city of Chandler. ClorTec® OSHG systems generate a 0.8% sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution, a chlorine equivalent, using three common consumables: salt, water, and electricity.

“The decision to use the De Nora ClorTec® generator train to expand the Santan Vista Water Treatment Plant to keep up with the local population growth was a simple one,” said Mike Schlabach, of Sundt Construction, Inc., installer of the ClorTec® systems. “The plant operators have been pleased with the system’s performance since its initial implementation, Sundt has extensive experience installing the components, and the value proposition offered through De Nora was significant.”

ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generation is a cost-effective, reliable, and safe alternative disinfection treatment method, with consistent chlorine concentration and residual in the treated water. ClorTec® systems can reduce a customer's carbon footprint and salt consumption by as much as 20 percent, and reduce the production of disinfection byproducts.

ClorTec® systems are engineered to meet any specified application, with units ranging in capacity from 2.7 kilogram per day or 6 pounds per day to over 1,360 kilograms per day or 3,000 pounds per day. To meet varying application specific conditions, the ClorTec® units are available as component-based or skid-based packaged systems.

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