COVID-19 Modern Trash Loading Proves Sewage Pump Clog Resistance Cannot Be Predicted By Impeller Throughlet Size

The ever-increasing collection system loading rate exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19 further exposes the traditional multi-channel solids-handling impeller as unable to operate without partial to full clogging with soft solids. 

This presentation will review the historical impeller design perspective as well as discuss the successful modern-day design concepts. The presenter will also establish how a pump's throughlet size has been shown to be a very misleading parameter in specifying solids-handling pump unit clog-resistance. The attributes of various traditional solids-handling impeller type will be reviewed. Finally, attendees will be provided with guidance regarding the importance of a modern solids-handling pump's wet-end design for achieving successful clog-free pump operation while enjoying sustained high hydraulic efficiency and low cost of operation.