Contract Pharmaceutical Bottling Services: Solid Dose Drugs

Contract Pharmaceutical Bottling Services:  Solid Dose Drugs

Packaging oral solid dose medications in bottles is more than just an equipment set up, it requires the quality SOP’s and dedicated staff to make a project move agilely and compliantly. 

Bottle filling is done in state-of-the-art packaging suites providing positive pressure filling. Bottling can be done in various sizes with small to large quantity runs; twist off or snap on closures; neck-banding or not; cartoning or shrink-wrapping; stability batches; slat filling or electronic counting; and child-resistant or senior-friendly.

If your bottling project has special needs – like serialization, handling in a low relative humidity environment, cold chain storage or some other unique application, please ask us if we can be of service.

Our Facilities Services Include:

  • Solid Dose Bottling & Filling
  • Vial/Ampoule Labeling Services
  • Wallet Card Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Small to Large Batch Capability
  • Project Management
  • Secondary Packaging Services
  • Folding Carton Production
  • Child Resistant Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Blister Pharmaceutical Packaging Services
  • Technology Transfers
  • Product Launches


  • Lot size  flexibility
  • Large range of bottle sizes
  • Round, square or oblong bottles
  • Stability batch runs
  • 3 bottling lines