Application Note

Continuous Total Chlorine Measurement And Recording To Meet EPA Discharge Requirements

Source: Emerson

Total chlorine can be determined using the Rosemount Model TCL. This system is a sample conditioning and measuring system for the continuous determination of total chlorine in water. The conditioning system continuously pumps buffered potassium iodide reagent into the sample. Free and combined chlorine (total chlorine) react with potassium iodide to form an equivalent amount of iodine. An amperometric sensor measures the concentration of iodine and sends its signal to the Rosemount Dual Input Analyzer Solu Comp II Model 1056. The analyzer displays the concentration of total chlorine. Additional choices in instrumentation include two-wire transmitters Model Xmt and Model 5081.

The Sample Conditioning System should be located near the final outfall point. A simple overflow weir maintians the correct flow rate into the low flow cell, and sends any excess sample to drain. The Analyzer (NEMA 4X enclosure) is field mountable and provides multiple outputs for recording and controlling.