Continuous Backwash Sand Filters

The continuous backwash upflow sand filter is an ideal technology for tertiary nutrient removal. The deep bed upflow approach allows the filter to operate continuously, as backwashing of the media is an integral part of the filtering process. In addition, the continuous backwash sand filter is easy to operate and allows for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration processes.

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In municipal applications, the continuous backwash sand filter is ideal for wastewater treatment plants needing to meet stringent discharge criteria for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Nitrogen (TN), Phosphorus (TP), and Suspended Solids (TSS).  The addition of the continuous backwash filtration process can leave existing infrastructure unchanged, without adding excessive capital costs.

For industrial and process water applications, the continuous backwash filter is effective in the treatment of surface waters, ground waters, and side stream biofiltration for cooling water systems.  It has also been proven effective in removing iron and manganese.

Washwater or other process streams can also be filtered as part of an overall integrated reuse design and is ideally suited for precipitation and filtration of metals.  

The Continuous Backwash Sand Filter Offers:
  • Options for concrete, stainless steel or fiberglass tanks
  • Deep bed filtration, up to 120 inches
  • Phosphorous removal to low levels 
  • Denitrification and nitrification options
  • Utilization of in bed flocculation for tough solids removal applications
  • No moving mechanical parts
  • Robust airlift, washbox and distribution system requiring no replacement spare parts