News | May 14, 2019

Consolidated Pipe & Supply Company Installs A Blue Frog System At A Wastewater Treatment Plant In North Carolina

The Blue Frog System is a cutting-edge technology to eliminate sludge accumulation through an environmentally sustainable process

CONSOLIDATED PIPE & SUPPLY COMPANY (MAY 8, 2019) announced that it has installed a revolutionary wastewater treatment system designed to eliminate built-up sludge in a cost-effective and sustainable manner at the Holly Ridge, NC Waste Water Treatment facility.

Installed the week of May 8, 2019 the Blue Frog Technology by RevO2 Solutions has proven its effectiveness in more than 40 municipal applications in the U.S. and Canada. It is the second municipal installation in the state of North Carolina.

Blue Frog Technology is a Hybrid Aeration System that biodredges sludge in situ. Blue Frog’s circulators stir up the water to create radial outflowing currents within the lagoon, each moving up to seven million gallons of wastewater per day. The system selects indigenous microbes already present in the pond and incubates new bacteria to populate high-quality microbes. In the weeks and months ahead, those microbes will “eat” the stored-up organic waste and digest incoming organic solids before they have a chance to settle. No chemicals or outside microbes are ever introduced to the lagoon.

“Biodredging is a natural process,” said Grace Corbino, of Blue Frog Technology. “Municipalities across the country are searching for new ways to manage an age-old problem – reducing sludge accumulation and energy costs through process improvements. The rising costs of managing sewage sludge combined with the concerns of what’s in the sludge continue to be a challenge, but we have found the solution with our patented Blue Frog System Technology.”

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Carolina Consolidated Pipe and Supply Company is located in Greenville, NC. Steve Pagley, a Consolidated Pipe & Supply veteran, is leading the effort with a primary focus on serving the municipal water and sewer industries. For more information, visit

Source: Blue Frog Technologies