ClorTec® On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generating Systems SCT Series

Source: De Nora

The revolutionary new ClorTec® SCT is a fully integrated patent pending design from De Nora Water Technologies. Salt, water and electricity are electrolyzed to produce up to 4.4 lb/day (2 kg/day) chlorine equivalent of hypochlorite solution at 0.7% strength. The system offers superior health and safety benefits for employees on site due to its innovative design.

Air is blown into the generator to dilute the hydrogen by-product at the point of production to more than 10 times lower than the minimum safe limit.

ClorTec® systems from De Nora Water Technologies offer a safe and reliable method of on-site generation of disinfectant solution for a wide range of applications. With over 15 years experience in electrochlorination technology, De Nora Water Technologies has installed more than 3,500 systems worldwide to date.

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