News | April 21, 2020

ClorTec And MIOX On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Systems Combat COVID-19

Source: De Nora
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De Nora continues to support local communities in the fight against COVID-19 and resulting bleach shortages. De Nora MIOX and ClorTec on-site hypochlorite generators have been confirmed to produce sodium hypochlorite at a concentration range identified by the United States Center for Disease Control to kill the virus that causes COVID-19. De Nora ClorTec and MIOX systems address the issues around the availability of bleach by generating on-demand a low concentration sodium hypochlorite solution, which is commonly referred to as bleach, using three everyday consumables – water, electricity and food grade salt. By producing bleach on-site, users can become more independent and self-reliant, thus enhancing peace of mind by eliminating the fear of supply chain interruption and keeping employees and customers safe.

“With offices around the globe, De Nora has been, since the very beginning, on the front line of this pandemic, quickly responding to support our local communities,” commented De Nora Water Technologies CEO, Dr. Mirka Wilderer. “On-site technologies are essential in this crisis, and we are proud to be able to share nearly one hundred years of chlorine production know-how in several ways. We can offer advice to our customers on how to divert hypochlorite production for other applications such as the cleaning of surfaces. We also provide point of use treatment solutions to organizations to safeguard their operations in the face of bleach shortages. Our commitment to being their partner of choice is confirmed by our availability to solve problems side-by-side with our partners and customers, offering our expertise, products, and services to help in the COVID-19 crisis with quick, simple, and reliable solutions.”

De Nora, an Italian multinational headquartered in Milan, is a global leader of electrochlorination, water disinfection and water filtration technologies with offices around the world, “Nearly 100 years ago, Oronzio De Nora, the company’s founder, discovered the positive effects of electrolytic chlorine made from a simple saline solution,” commented Paolo Dellachà, CEO of De Nora. “Today, De Nora is proud to continue Oronzio’s legacy by supporting our communities during this time of uncertainty.”

About De Nora
De Nora is a global provider of sustainable technologies and a partner of choice for industrial electrochemical processes and water and wastewater treatment solutions since 1923. Driven by a philosophy of continual improvement, De Nora delivers highly innovative electrodes, electrochemical systems, advanced filtration and disinfection technologies to solve the most challenging applications for public health, municipal, marine, industrial water / wastewater treatment needs. Today, De Nora is committed to developing unconventional solutions to address the Energy Transition toward decarbonization, the hydrogen economy and to ensuring clean water for all. More than 1,600 people provide the energy and expertise to fuel this exciting journey.

Source: De Nora