CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® Fine Screen

Source: WesTech Engineering, Inc.


The WesTech CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® is a highly efficient, self-cleaning fine screen that is being used in a wide variety of wastewater and process water treatment applications. Utilizing a reliable blade and drive system, the Monoscreen creates a progressive step motion that allows the screenings to be evenly distributed while minimizing water level surges.The result is a screenings capture ratio of 82.5 percent.When matched with WesTech’s CleanWash™ SWP/CPS dewatering unit, the combination maximizes the solids capture rate for almost any headworks operation while minimizing the amount of solids for disposal.


  • Exact slot width during the entire working cycle
  • Few moving parts
  • Fully enclosed
  • Progressive step motion


  • Highest separation degree of solids on the market
  • High capacity


  • Municipal water or wastewater
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sludge screening
  • Septage
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Fish and poultry processing
  • Tannery and textile effluent
  • Plastics and pharmaceutical water treatment