News | August 14, 2017

Clean Chemistry Announces EPA Biocide Registration

PeroxyMAX Biocide Designation Enables Industry Access to the Next Generation of Disinfectants

Clean Chemistry, a chemical technology company, announced recently that its patented PeroxyMAX chemistry has received EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) biocide registration. This is particularly significant as the industry has long been seeking safer, more efficient chemicals with less toxic byproducts than the traditional chlorine chemistries.

Pathogens are evolving and have built resistances to traditional treatment methods; bacteria in water loops can develop chlorine tolerance in as little as a few days. Higher performing chemistries are needed to prevent expensive biofouling damage in industrial environments and preserve product quality for things like crops and energy production. Clean Chemistry has taken advantage of recent advances in process control technology, enabling the distributed production of higher performing, short lived chemistries. PeroxyMAX can deliver higher reactivity in a safer package without leaving a trail of toxic residuals and byproducts.

PeroxyMAX is already used extensively in upstream water management in the oil and gas sector. Today, the new biocide registration, under EPA FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) enables Clean Chemistry to tap into a $10B market, solving a much broader variety of microbial control problems in various industrial processes. New industries that the company will be able to explore include food and beverage, pulp and paper, power plants, mining and cooling towers.

“Most industries are continuing to shift toward greater water re-use and bacteria control is the first thing you need to manage in water loops,” said Damon Waters, Clean Chemistry CEO and Co-founder. “Now that PeroxyMAX is an EPA-approved biocide, Clean Chemistry is able to serve these markets with a better product.”

Current solutions available to address the microbial contaminants in water are either low performing, shelf stable oxidants like bleach or hazardous, corrosive gases. PeroxyMAX’s unique chemistry fills the enormous gap between those two groups, outperforming all other liquid oxidants including peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite, without the downsides associated with gaseous oxidants such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone.

This chemistry is the only liquid formulation capable of delivering large scale quantities, volumes and concentrations of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). “Singlet oxygen is the primary ROS employed in PeroxyMAX, which is powerful and selective towards bacteria that are damaging towards industrial processes and has demonstrated effectiveness on harmful bacteria including E. coli and legionella,” said Dr. Wayne Buschmann, Clean Chemistry CTO and Co-founder. “At the same time PeroxyMAX has an environmentally benign and non-toxic residual, which is particularly important to industries like food and beverage, pulp and paper and water.”

Clean Chemistry is aggressively pursuing additional registrations from various agencies to offer PeroxyMAX to a wider array of markets.

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About Clean Chemistry
Founded in 2012, Clean Chemistry is a chemical technology company based in Boulder, Colorado with offices and clients around the country. They are developing and distributing the next generation of oxidants and disinfectants in safe, liquid solutions employing high concentrations of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Clean Chemistry has established its PeroxyMAX chemistry as a preferred water conditioning product in upstream oil & gas and now is expanding its reach into pulp & paper, cooling towers, food & beverage, medical, and other industries.

Source: Clean Chemistry