Datasheet | May 7, 2013

T56 Clarity® II Turbidimeter Datasheet

Source: Emerson

The Clarity II turbidimeter is intended for the determination of turbidity in water. Low stray light, high stability, efficient bubble rejection, and a display resolution of 0.001 NTU make Clarity II ideal for monitoring the turbidity of filtered drinking water. Clarity II is also suitable for applications other than drinking water treatment including monitoring of filtered water discharges, condensate returns, and clarifiers.

Both US EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027 compliant sensors are available. US EPA 180.1 sensors use a visible light source. ISO 7027 sensors use a near infrared LED. For regulatory monitoring in the United States, US EPA 180.1 sensors must be used. Regulatory agencies in other countries august have different requirements.

The Clarity II turbidimeter consists of an analyzer, with either one or two signal input boards, sensor(s), and a debubbler/measuring chamber and cable for each sensor. The cable plugs into the sensor and the analyzer, making setup fast and easy. Sensors can be located as far as 50 ft (15.2 m) away from the analyzer.