News | April 10, 2024

Cla-Val Launches Cla-Tools, A Free Software Suite To Analyze And Plan Valve Assets In Water Systems

Cla-Station on Laptop

The Cla-Val Company has launched Cla-Tools, a complimentary software suite that allows users to analyze their current or future planned valve systems. John Link, Executive Vice President of Cla-Val, said, “We designed Cla-Tools to give engineers, operations personnel, and managers, the ability to design their systems ensuring they are obtaining optimum performance. We are providing all our customers with the ability to be self-sufficient if they choose, always having the comfort of knowing they can get expert assistance if required and have made this process very easy to access online for no cost.”

With 13 custom software programs and growing, users can analyze everything from control, and modeling of stations to sizing and selection of the right valve, and there are built-in performance tools to ensure valve stations can handle the conditions they are subjected to over time. For example, Cla-CAV helps analyze pilot-operated control valves for the potential of cavitation and cavitation damage at the full range of flows and pressures enabling design engineers to determine if and when to add a cavitation trim. Cla-Station is a pressure-reducing valve station and hydraulic modeling tool showing performance based on flow and pressure parameter inputs.

The software uses color-coded graphs, tables, and charts for easy analysis. Built-in calculators allow users to input their data and run different scenarios to determine if and what they need to adjust. For example, Cla-Power has a power consumption calculator that allows for all electrical products at a site, or in a vault, to be added with their daily usage and supply voltage, providing the total power and amp-hours of that system.

“With 13 different modules, there are many ways users can optimize existing valve stations and ensure thorough analysis of plans before installation. We are also committed to growing Cla-Tools, by adding more features that our customers want to see, enabling them to have what they want, when they need it, with the ease of accessing online,” concluded Link.

Cla-Val customers can sign up for Cla-Tools at

About Cla-Val Company
Since 1936, Cla-Val has manufactured automatic control valves and related products for mission-critical water distribution solutions throughout the United States and worldwide. As creators of the first hydraulic actuated globe valve in the late 1930s, Cla-Val continues to pioneer today’s valve industry with technologically advanced electronic and hydraulic control systems. With two foundries and three generations of expertise, Cla-Val provides a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in more than fifty different varieties of metals and grades and maintains a high product inventory to ship orders on time and within budget.

Source: Cla-Val