Case Study

City Proves Special, Vacuum-Driven Polymer Dosing Unit In WTP As Reliable Replacement For Problematic, Pump-Driven Type

Source: JCS Industries Inc.
City Proves Special

By Cliff Lebowitz

Operations management for a municipal water treatment plant (WTP) reports reliable replacement of a problematic, pump-driven polymer dosing unit in its solids contact clarification system with a special, vacuum-driven dosing unit.

The test replacement of the former diaphragm metering pump for the polymer, which started last April, is being extended to similar pumps for the system’s application of alum and liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS).

“We were having major difficulties with the pumping system for the polymer feed, which was plugging up quite frequently, and leading us to search for a replacement,” recalled Roy Clayton, superintendent of the Harlingen (TX) Water Works System. “As part of our search, we had been very impressed with chlorine leak alarm systems we had recently installed, and asked that supplier if he could also help us with polymer dosing.”