Case Study

City Of Tacoma, WA, Continues To Choose PolyBlend® Dry Polymer Preparation Systems After 25 Years Of Reliable, Consistent Performance


Serving over 200,000 ratepayers, the City of Tacoma operates two award-winning wastewater treatment plants. The Central Wastewater Treatment Plant and the North End Wastewater Treatment Plant are considered state-of-theart, but operate differently. Central uses an aerobic process - high purity oxygen and bacteria - to remove organics from wastewater. North End, a physical chemical plant, uses chemicals to remove the organics and a bacteria filter to treat the wastewater before it enters Puget Sound. Together, the plants treat 100 million gallons per day (MGD) with a combined capacity of 150 MGD during weather events. As the plants have grown over the years, the City of Tacoma continues to add PolyBlend® units as the preferred polymer feed preparation system and currently has eight in service between the two facilities.