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City Of Sacramento Chooses VTScada HMI Software For New SCADA System

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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On November 10th 2009, the City Council of Sacramento, CA adopted Resolution No. 2009-709 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Trihedral Engineering Limited to supply their VTScada™ software as the Human Machine Interface (HMI) component of the city’s Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System Software (SCADA) Replacement Project.

Project Scope
This new 111,475 tag system encompasses the City’s widely distributed water and wastewater infrastructure that includes:

  • Sacramento River Plant
  • Sacramento River Plant Intake
  • Fairbairn Water Plant
  • Fairbairn Water Plant Intake
  • Combined Water Treatment Plants 1 through 5
  • Pioneer Treatment Plants 1 and 2
  • Sump 1A and 2/2A
  • Florin Reservoir


“Our experience with large-scale systems has certainly influenced our approach to research and development over the last four years.” says Trihedral Vice President Barry Baker. “We developed support for 64-bit systems in anticipation of data-rich SCADA systems like this one. Additionally, the significant increases we have made to the speed of the product make it uniquely qualified to handle the multi-million tag applications on the horizon.”

In addition to being essential to the daily operations of these facilities, the new VTScada system will be responsible for logging long-term process and alarm information. Operators and managers with the City’s Department of Utilities will use VTScada’s reporting tools to increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of the pumps, valves and motors that drive the system. This access to historical data will also allow the utility to demonstrate its compliance with increasingly stringent environmental laws.

Evaluation Process
Four software vendors responded to the request for proposal. After a lengthy evaluation process, the utility chose VTScada based on its top scores in all of the required categories including: application development environment; runtime environment; historical data collection; warranty & support; central IT security and price.

Baker notes that VTScada’s unique architecture was a significant factor in the City’s decision. “One of the key elements in this project is central configuration. Essentially being able to manage and view the application from anywhere. That is a core feature of VTScada.”

“You should have heard the cheer at all four of our offices when we announced the decision.” says Baker. “A lot of people worked very hard for over a year to reach this point. We are really looking forward to getting to work.”

About Trihedral
Trihedral is recognized as a leading manufacturer of HMI/SCADA software. The worldwide appeal of their software is demonstrated by a large satisfied customer base spanning six continents.

SOURCE: Trihedral Engineering Limited

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