Case Study

City Improves Reliability For Chlorine Residual Compliance, And Cuts Chemical Costs, Through Replacement Of Pump With Special Vacuum Feeder For Bleach, LAS, And Polyphosphate

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

Also Gains Greater Feed Accuracy, Less Operator Attention, Enhanced Safety Margin, Reduced Apparel Costs

The public works director responsible for a southwestern U.S. city’s drinking water supply reports multiple benefits from replacement of a problematic peristaltic pump system with a special liquid vacuum feeder system for bleach, liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS), and polyphosphate feeds at one of its well sites. In particular, he notes improved reliability for maintaining required minimum chlorine residual of 0.5 mg/L, as far as about 12 miles from well sources in the city’s 480 mi. drinking water distribution network.

He also notes the replacement unit has cut chemical costs by 34%, saving about $9000 annually; provided for greater chemical feed accuracy; allowed for enhanced safety margins against hazardous leaks; and reduced the excessive cost of worker apparel replacement.