News | May 19, 2014

Chromium Removal & Recovery Mining Water

Purifics is driving innovation at a US EPA Superfund Site by recovering chromium from water, effectively mining water for mineral reuse with its FDR (Filter, Destroy, Recover) process at the rate of 400 gpm.

Using Photo-Cat AOP+ and DeWRS (DeWatering Recovery System) technology, Hexavalent Chromium, a carcinogenic contaminant widely known from the Hollywood film Erin Brockovich, is being reduced from 340-350ppb to below the detection limit of 15ppb - well below the design discharge requirement of 50ppb.

Purifics’ continuous filtration process displaces conventional ion exchange technology and has demonstrated an OpEx reduction of 66% with higher levels of purification and zero liquid discharge.

This technology can also be applied to the recovery of phosphorous, a limited resource, for municipal and agricultural waste water.

About Purifics
Purifics’ Chemical Free FDR process provides sustainable solutions to purify, condition and control water with economic and environmental advantages.

Dispelling the myth “Too Good to Be True”, Purifics offers briefings or webinars to educate you and your colleagues on this market-disruptive water purification technology.

SOURCE: Purifics