News | May 8, 2017

Champion FOG Solution For Florida Lift Stations


A large, north Florida regional wastewater system was continuously engaged in a repetitive battle which fat, oil and grease (FOG) buildup blanketed the equipment and the walls inside its lift stations. Lift stations would accumulate a mat of FOG up to four (4) feet thick creating a “major problem,” according to the maintenance supervisor, “relentless vacuum and water truck services really put a burden on our maintenance budget.” Additionally, dry weather spills and overheating force mains exacerbated the problem and drove them to look for new solutions.

The supervisor decided to purchase an electro-mechanical system that sat at the bottom of the well. The system would intake wastewater and, under pressure, push it out the other side. This mechanical system promised to break up the FOG and relieve the facilities from much of their costly maintenance problems. After deploying the new system, they discovered the product delivered results in some instances, but also produced a myriad of new maintenance and labor costs to ­x and maintain the system. “We only traded one problem for another problem as mechanical breakdown was a frequent occurrence.”

A few months later, the supervisor was introduced to the Anue EP Series “well-washing and pretreatment systems.” The supervisor then purchased the EP-1100. Unlike the problematic system, the EP-1100 completely eliminated the FOG from the equipment, walls and wastewater in just TWO HOURS. Spills were non-existent, and con­ned space entry was a thing of the past. “We now rarely ever vacuum our well. It is a big relief to no longer pull up the pumps due to FOG issues. With the EP system, expenses for a boom truck and two men operating for around two hours on each occasion,” were eliminated.

The EP-1100 continues to deliver outstanding results that are lowering their maintenance budget up to 20 percent annually by allowing them to reallocate their resources to more productive tasks. They now operate FIFTEEN EP-1300s and plan to invest in more. “We call it our ‘do more with less’ solution, because the EP-1300 Series is exponentially increasing our productivity for a fraction of the cost.”

SOURCE: Anue Water Technologies