News | May 19, 2015

CH2M And VCS Denmark Technologists To Speak At IWA Nutrient Recovery And Removal Specialty Conference

Denver – Technologists and practitioners from VandCenter Syd (VCS) Denmark, the third largest water and wastewater company in Denmark known as a frontrunner in the Danish water and wastewater sector, will be attending and presenting at the International Water Association’s (IWA) 2015 Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference, an IWA Special Group event, from May 18-21. The conference, being held in Gdansk, Poland, provides a unique forum for scientists and technologists from around the world to come together to share and learn the latest concepts and technologies in nutrient removal and recovery.

“VCS Denmark is leading the industry in terms of nutrient recovery and has adopted cutting edge approaches for planning, design and operations of nutrient removal and recovery facilities. We’ve attained significant results, including achieving positive net-energy status by recovering more energy from our wastewater than the energy spent in treatment to meet final effluent requirements,” said Anders Baekgaard, VCS Denmark’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to have a strong voice in the IWA conference and share our knowledge with the broader industry, as well as take lessons learned back for consideration to further advance our operations.”

VCS Denmark specialists along with their technology advisors from the global engineering firm CH2M, including Dwight Houweling, Senior Wastewater Technologist, will share their knowledge with conference attendees through the following presentations: “Anticipating the Impact of Mainstream Deammonification through Advanced Process Simulation,” on Tuesday, May 19, as well as “Low Energy and No External Carbon Nitrogen Removal Using Optimized Process Control Strategies.

In addition, Per Henrik Nielsen, who is responsible for strategic positioning for VCS Denmark, presented the poster “Assessing BNR Process Improvements From Inducing Biomass Granulation Using Hydrocyclones,” on Monday. He highlighted the results to date of VCS Denmark’s contribution to an ongoing research program being conducted by an alliance of utilities, universities and engineering firms from Europe and North America, exploring strategies for achieving superior settling properties and effluent quality in biological nutrient removal systems by inducing mixed liquor organisms to granulate. Read Per Henrik Nielsen’s blog, “Improving Sludge Granulation at VCS Denmark,” for more information on the project.

This program received worldwide recognition when it was presented the Water and Energy Exchange (WEX) Global Innovation Award for achieving energy independence in 2012 and shortlisted for a Global Water Award this February 2015.

Source: CH2M