News | September 20, 2023

CERAFILTEC Showcases Ceramic Flat Membrane Technology At WEFTEC 2023

With operations in the U.S., the company is poised to set a new global standard in membrane technology.

CERAFILTEC, the global leader in ceramic flat membrane (CFM) technology, will showcase its breakthrough ceramic flat membrane (CFM) products at WEFTEC 2023, booth 4539.

The company, whose U.S. operations are based in Atlanta, Georgia, is revolutionizing water & wastewater treatment with its leading-edge CFM membranes and modules. Poised to set a new global standard in membrane technology, CERAFILTEC’s products are being used to directly replace polymeric membranes within existing plants, rehabilitate gravity sand filter plants, and provide a technically reliable, cost-effective and sustainable ultrafiltration solution in greenfield projects. Applications range from surface water and groundwater to tertiary effluent, water reuse, RO pretreatment, MBRs and industrial effluents.

In addition, CERAFILTEC’s expanded product portfolio now includes NSF/ANSI 419 certified ultrafiltration membranes for drinking water applications. With this certification, CERAFILTEC is fully compliant with the most widely accepted U.S. standard for drinking water, and is ideally suited to upgrade existing membrane systems, rehabilitate sand filter plants, or install in new facilities where high water quality is important. In addition, many market participants outside the U.S. rely on this certification to ensure the best-filtered water quality (e.g., for RO pre-treatment, removal of micropollutants, etc.).

In terms of pollutants, CERAFILTEC provides novel treatment processes for the selective removal of priority pollutants such as PFAS and other micropollutants, utilizing its active cake layer filtration in conjunction with CFMs. In addition, its ceramic membranes contain no PFAS, PVDF or other micropollutants, and they are reusable and recyclable. Not only does this important feature reduce waste; it also helps companies achieve their sustainability targets.

Filtration modules are available in several sizes, and filtration towers can be configured to meet customer needs. Throughout show hours, CERAFILTEC will conduct product demonstrations with a full-scale operating tower at the booth.

U.S. Operations
Over the past 1 ½ years, CERAFILTEC has dramatically expanded its U.S.-based operations and presence. The company provides a full complement of services for customers in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. These services include engineering, sales, and direct field support. Importantly, CERAFILTEC also stocks ample inventory in the US, providing a ready supply of membranes and modules available for quick delivery.

“Our focus on customer service and responsiveness mirrors our commitment to advanced engineering and providing superior membrane products. To this end, our U.S. headquarters are designed to provide ready access to and quick delivery of our products, avoiding often long lead times for delivery of other types of membranes,” said Christopher Poje, President and CEO of CERAFILTEC U.S.

CERAFILTEC has active installations and numerous pilots in the U.S.

Ongoing Technology Advancements and Expansion
As part of its continued commitment to innovation, CERAFILTEC continues to spearhead the development of Alumina and Silicon Carbide membranes. “This achievement will lead to new, sustainable, and transformative benchmarks. We believe that the future of filtration lies in ceramic filtration technology,” said Poje.

To further advance this technology, the company recently inaugurated a new Production, Science & Technology Center in Germany. This center will expedite the global transition from traditional sand filters and polymeric membranes to the company’s advanced CFM solution.

CERAFILTEC recently completed a €30M growth capital investment, which is helping to accelerate its plans for global expansion and investment in new technologies. In addition to its operations in the U.S., CERAFILTECH currently has offices in Germany, Dubai, Mexico, Thailand, Poland, South Africa, Vietnam and Australia/New Zealand.

CERAFILTEC is a leading ceramic ultrafiltration membrane technology provider. The company is revolutionizing water & wastewater treatment, utilizing ceramic ultrafiltration membrane technology to set the new global standard. We unlock uncharted economic benefits across a wide variety of applications including river water, groundwater, tertiary effluent, water reuse, RO pretreatment, MBRs and industrial effluents. CERAFILTEC directly replaces polymeric membranes within existing plants, rehabilitates gravity sand filter plants, and is used in greenfield projects. Our robust and high performing ultrafiltration solution, combined with technology-specific process expertise enables simplified, reliable, and long-term operation at lowest total cost of ownership. We work closely with local system integrators, EPCs and plant operators around the world who integrate our technology in treatment plants with capacities ranging from a few thousand to several hundred million of liters per day. Our solution improves filtered water quality, increases water quantity, simplifies treatment steps, reduces footprint, and ultimately improves project yields. CERAFILTEC is a sustainable solution, built on circular economy values – reducing CO2 emission and reducing waste – in pursuit of our mission: CLEAN WATER. EVERYWHERE.