News | September 19, 2016

Centrisys THK Thickener Installations At Beijing Wastewater Treatment Plants Move Forward To Improve Plant Efficiencies

Innovative thickening technology yields lower-energy consumption, polymer-free operation at plants serving China’s largest city

Centrisys Corporation, a leading North American manufacturer of dewatering and thickening centrifuges, announced recently that 23 of its THK 600 Thickeners are being installed at wastewater treatment plants in Beijing, China – part of a three-plant installation project aimed at increasing overall plant efficiencies by lowering energy consumption and eliminating polymer costs, all while maintaining throughput. This series of installations which serves the largest municipal area of China, further solidifies Centrisys’ place as a global market leader in thickening solutions in biosolids management for municipal wastewater.

The purchase of the 23 THK 600 units by the Beijing Drainage Group in China and installation plan was based on test results at the GaoBeiDian wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in October 2012.The series of installations will be completed in three phases at three separate plants that comprise part of Beijing’s 16 municipal wastewater treatment plants:

  • Five THK 600 units were installed at DingFuZhaug WWTP in early 2016 – a new plant with an 80 million gallon per day (MGD) daily flow capacity.
  • Eight THK 600 units will be installed in August 2016 at ZhengWangFen WWTP – another new plant with a 200 MGD daily flow capacity.
  • 10 THK 600 units have been purchased for future installation at GaoBeiDian WWTP – the largest individual plant in China with a 264 MGD daily flow capacity.

The THK 600 installations are the first-of-their-kind in China. The THK technology was chosen due to higher thickening efficiency, lower energy consumption, higher capacity and polymer cost savings compared to alternative thickening technologies.

“Centrisys has been setting a standard for effective solid separation solutions for nearly three decades, providing efficiency and cost-saving benefits to plants across North America,” said Michael Kopper, CEO and Founder of Centrisys. “We’re proud to bring our thickening innovation to help municipalities in Beijing and other global markets to accelerate their plant efficiencies with industry leading solutions that bear out environmentally-conscience and cost-effective results.”

The THK Thickening Centrifuge was first engineered by Centrisys in 2013. The THK 200 breakthrough earned an Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation, a not-for-profit wastewater treatment trade association. THK Thickeners help decrease polymer consumption and increase capacity with little to no polymer required, allowing the average plant to save $140,000 per dry ton of solids in the waste activated sludge thickening process, and a return on investment of 2.5 years. For more information about THK Thickeners, visit Centrisys online (

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Centrisys Corporation is a global innovator of decanter centrifuges, dewatering systems and other technologies for dewatering in both municipal and industrial applications. Since its founding in 1987 as an equipment service provider, the company has evolved into an award-winning technical leader, producing breakthroughs that continue to improve efficiency, safety and performance. Centrisys is continually recognized across the industry for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, including by Frost & Sullivan. Based in Kenosha, Wis., Centrisys is the only U.S. manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for municipal water and wastewater applications. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Centrisys Corporation