Carbon Exchange Services By TIGG


At some point, activated carbon or other process media will become spent or exhausted, so fresh media is always crucial for achieving the utmost quality in environmental remediation, wastewater reclamation, industrial processing, and other applications. Proper equipment service and timely carbon exchange are always crucial for optimal treatment performance.

Services Provided by TIGG

TIGG provides a turnkey on-site solution for hazardous and nonhazardous spent media change out services:

  • Removal of spent media, vessel inspection, repairs if needed (additional costs may apply) and fill with new media: at the customer’s request, backwashing and or startup services can also be provided at an additional cost; exchange many media types including media including resins, sand, gravel, and anthracite to name a few
  • Potable water systems exchange applications are also offered: when completing a change out with potable applications, the crew would have to use wands for potable only. Anything that enters the vessel would apply to this.