Capital Controls® Series 17T2000 Amperometric Titrator

Source: De Nora

The Series 17T2000 Amperometric Titrator is an analytical instrument for the electrical determination of the end point of a titration for free, combined, or total chlorine residual. It can also be used to determine bromine, iodine, ozone, permanganate, and chlorine dioxide residuals.

In addition, the titrator can be used to monitor the chlorite and chlorate output concentrations of chlorine dioxide generators and determine sulfur dioxide concentrations of process water.

The instrument is suitable for use in water and wastewater plants, swimming pools, research laboratories, and industrial plants when fast, accurate titrations are required. It can be easily operated, without special instruction, by a laboratory technician and conforms to Standard Method 4500-CL D and ASTM Method D-1253.