Capital Controls® VEGA™ Gas Chlorinator Vent Exhaust Gas Arrestor

Source: De Nora

The Capital Controls® VEGA™ is a disposable chlorinator vacuum regulator vent gas arrestor designed to treat occasional chlorine gas vent releases that may accompany chlorine container changeovers and fouled vacuum regulator inlet valves. The field tested VEGA prevents nuisance tripping of chlorine room air sensor alarms; helps compliance with local, state and federal code restrictions against exhausting chlorine fumes outside of a building; keeps the building free from chlorine related acid corrosion.

The VEGA is a 5 gallon (18.9 liters) HDPE disposable container of chemically impregnated alumina oxide 4 mm spherical beads designed to react on contact to convert the chlorine to harmless landfill disposable salt. The solid reaction products are locked in the ceramic bead. This is the same media as used in the EST™ Type DES 3000 large one-ton and EST Type DSH 400 150-pound (68 kg) chlorine container scrubbers. Unlike carbon based media used for the same purpose, the Type “STS” ceramic based media carries no fear of combustion and has no need of neutralization prior to disposal.