Capital Controls® CHLOR-A-VAC® Series 1420 Chemical Industion Unit

Source: De Nora

The Series 1420 CHLOR-A-VAC® affords high efficiency addition and mixing of gases and liquid chemicals resulting in substantial chemical cost savings.

The Capital Controls® CHLOR-A-VAC® Series 1420 chemical induction unit offers improved chlorination/dechlorination through the high efficiency mixing of gaseous or liquid chemicals with process water. CHLOR-A-VAC® features superior, cost-effective design, and is ideal for use in all-vacuum gas feed systems or to complement chemical feed pumping systems. CHLOR-A-VAC® is the winning choice at industrial and municipal water and wastewater plants for use in contact basins, headwaters, return sludge processes, clarifier inlets, collection boxes, equalizer tanks, and clear wells.

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