5 Burning Questions On Uranium And Radium Removal

Source: WRT - Water Remediation Technology

High levels of radionuclides (radium, uranium…) in drinking water aren’t very common, but they are very dangerous. As carcinogens, these contaminants are strictly regulated by the U.S. EPA; every utility must monitor and provide adequate treatment in accordance with the federal rule, established in 1976 and revised in 2000.

If you’ve long dealt with radionuclides, you’re familiar with the treatment requirements — but are you treating as cost effectively as possible? Or perhaps you’re new to treatment, forced to use contaminated groundwater because alternative sources have dried up. In either case, a vetting process must be applied to ensure you’re getting the most out of your treatment. Ron Dollar of WRT - Water Remediation Technology, LLC provides guidance by addressing five key questions utilities should consider when choosing a system.

WRT - Water Remediation Technology