Building A United SCADA System

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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Building A United SCADA System

Technology seems to make our lives more complicated as they make them easier. While it’s now possible to keep in touch with friends and associates all over the world, the expectations for rapid response, managing multiple initiatives at once, and keeping up to date with dozens of softwares and interfaces can be overwhelming.

The complications apply to water and wastewater system management as well. The ability to manage a plant remotely has opened a whole new world for the industry, but there can be three or four different softwares merging to create one SCADA system. Trihedral Engineering is tasked with bringing all of those interfaces into one seamless package.

“All these different things are compartmentalized into third party software drivers that can be a real hassle for an integrator like myself and my company to go in, keep updated, keep maintained, and then keep tabs on three or four different software packages,” said Wayne Barkley, Director of Program Operations with Metropolitan Industries, which utilizes Trihedral. “With Trihedral, they brought all that under the same roof and it really is value add for a lot of our customers.”

During an interview with Water Online Radio, Barkley was joined by Patrick Cooke, director of marketing with Trihedral. The two discussed the specifics of integrating software and success stories from around the country. To hear more, tune in below.

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