Webinar | March 3, 2021

Bridging The Gap To Digital Transformation With Dynamic Digital Twins

Source: Innovyze
Bridging The Gap To Digital Transformation With Dynamic Digital Twins

You’ve heard digital transformation is the future, but is it your future?  The fact is, only 8% of water utilities had advanced data management tools which unlock the benefits of cloud technology.  For everyone else, the challenges of legacy systems, technology silos, fragmented information, and excessive implementation costs have put digital transformation projects out of reach.  But that was the past. 

In this on-demand webinar, Innovyze, the global leader in water infrastructure modeling and analytics, and AWS, the pioneer of cloud computing at scale, outline the barriers that keep you from effectively building and operationalizing true digital twins, and how to overcome them.  
Innovyze and AWS have combined decades of water management expertise with the power of the cloud to deliver an industry first: Dynamic Digital Twins.

Attend this webinar to understand why Dynamic Digital Twins hold the keys to unlocking your data and uncovering the blind spots that keep you in reactive mode instead of optimization mode.  

Learn how this modern platform approach lets you visualize and manage assets and operations today, while predicting and preparing for future needs, enabling real-world water lifecycle management like never before.


  • Latest industry research on global adoption of digitization in the water industry, and the cloud capabilities driving it forward
  • Looking inside the operation:  technology and information barriers impeding digital transformation, and how to overcome them
  • Building and operationalizing Dynamic Digital Twins using the power of the cloud to evolve from reactive to proactive management
  • Demonstration of new cross-functional visualization solution, Info360 Insight, built on the cloud-powered Info360.com platform
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