News | July 31, 2015

Brentwood Introduces The StormTank® Arch

Source: Brentwood Industries, Inc.

Positions Brentwood as Only Stormwater Management Manufacturer Providing both Arch and Box Structures

Brentwood is extending its stormwater product line with the introduction of the StormTank® Arch to provide a solution for large-footprint, subsurface stormwater management projects. The Arch offers a cost-effective means of promoting infiltration for commercial and recreational applications, in addition to maximizing developmental space. Commonly installed under parking lots, parks, and athletic fields, the Arch system is capable of storing a large volume of water while maintaining a low profile.

The Arch features structural rib end panels, which are molded to provide system strength, and interlocking end corrugates to allow for overlapping and easy installation. When stormwater runoff reaches the Arches, it is able to soak into the ground below and recharge the groundwater table because of the Arch system’s large footprint and open-bottom design.

The introduction of the Arch expands Brentwood’s product offering and provides customers with options for subsurface stormwater management. “The StormTank product line has been designed to address our customers’ specific project applications,” said Jason Bailey, Stormwater Product Line Manager at Brentwood. “By adding the Arch, we now have a tailored, cost-effective solution for any job site.”

About Brentwood
Brentwood is a leading provider of thermoformed plastic solutions to a wide variety of consumer, manufacturing, and environmental industries. The StormTank product line is engineeredto meet the most stringent industry performance standards and provide a flexible solution for varying project demands. Utilized for infiltration, detention, reuse, and pretreatment purposes, StormTank products offer an affordable and sustainable solution for stormwatermanagement.

SOURCE: Brentwood Industries, Inc.