News | April 7, 2008

BPC Offers ACT-in-ACTion — Ad Hoc One-Time Wastewater Treatment Service

Unique ACT-Active Chemostat Treatment Integrates Easily and Features Tailored Bio-remediation Solution

Houston, TX — BPC, developers of the unique ACT technology for bio-remediation, is making a risk-free offer-ad hoc waste water treatment. The revolutionary sludge-free service enables one-time treatment of water contamination, including states caused by a process failure or poor maintenance, storm water accumulations and ballast water leakages.

Currently, the contaminated water is typically stored in tanks and transported to a remote treatment site. BPC's offer, which carries a "pay only for results" price tag, is thus a breakthrough. ACT's chemical-free treatment which leads to the most effective results, is applicable to cleaning tanks, bringing them to a gas free level.

This unique bio-remediation technology is currently operating as a water treatment solution at such sites as storage farms and oil refineries. Now, for the first time, it is being offered as a one-time service. ACT's simplicity and proprietary technology allows for a simpler, more effective, significantly less costly and easy to implement in any current infrastructure solution.

The First Simple Solution
Unlike other biological solutions, ACT's one-time service treats the water on-line by cubic meter and doesn't tamper with current infrastructure.

Customers pay only if the problem has been resolved. BPC take water samples to its labs, where they undergo a series of sophisticated tests to identify the exact composition of the contaminants.

BPC then creates a biological bacterial mix that is TAILORED to the customer's specific contamination and infrastructure problem. Only then does BPC install its system into the facility where it automatically solves the contamination challenge. According to David Amir, CEO of BPC: "As a per project pay-for-what-you-get offer, BPC's ACT in ACTion is unmatched in the industry."