News | October 27, 2021

Bluewater Says New Evidence Of Microplastics In Blood Of Cows And Pigs Is Deeply Alarming, Further Underlines Plastics Threat To Human Health

Bluewater, the Swedish water company that has put ending the need for single use plastic bottles at the heart of its business mission, says new research finding microplastics in the blood of cows and pigs paints a grim future for human health.

“The growing body of research confirming microplastics are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat is deeply alarming because of the potential long-term threat to human health and wellbeing,” said Bluewater PR and Communication Director Dave Noble. He said more research needs to be done into the health consequences of long-term exposure to micro-plastics.

A Bluewater White Paper ‘The Global Plastic Calamity’written three years ago together with Dr Ivonne Mirpuri of the Mirpuri Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal, concluded that endocrine disrupting chemicals found in thruway plastic bottles posed the number one threat to humankind.

Dr Mirpuri, who is one of the world’s leading specialists on the central role hormones play in regulating the body’s systems wrote that ‘humankind faces extinction within 200 years unless steps are urgently taken to avoid the use of synthetic plastics and the chemicals in them.”

The latest research was carried out by a team at Holland’s Vrije University in Amsterdam led by Dr. Heather A. Leslie, a leading expert in international (micro)plastics.

Speaking at the 2021 Plastic Health Summit in the Dutch capital, she revealed that her study for the first time had found evidence of plastic particles in the bloodstreams of cows and pigs, adding to the widening evidence of the pervasive spread of plastics. In 2020, a Spanish research projectdetected microplastics in sheep faeces in south-east Spain.

In early October, a study published by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research in Greece said 3,760 tonnes of plastic debris – the equivalent weight of eight jumbo jets – are currently floating in the Mediterranean alone. The researchers estimated that 17,600 tonnes of plastic enter seas around the planet every year.

Bluewater water purifiers for home, commercial and public distribution are designed to remove practically all water contaminants, from toxic chemicals and metals to microplastics.

The company’s water refill stations and sustainable bottles are also a regular sight at events around the world seeking to reduce their environmental footprint with sustainable water dispensing initiatives, from the British Open Golf Tournament to the Cape Town Marathon.

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