News | May 13, 2019

Blue Frog Technologies, LLC Announces The Appointment Of Pelton Environmental Products For The State Of Kentucky, Ohio, And Indiana

Blue Frog System is a cutting-edge technology that bio dredges bio degradable solids in the lagoon through an environmentally sustainable process.

Blue Frog is proud to announce the appointment of Pelton Environmental Products as their representatives for Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Pelton Environmental Products Inc. is a manufacturer's representative of process, chemical feed, and rotating equipment for the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry. Currently they provide equipment and service to customers in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. With their extensive offering of water and wastewater equipment, they are determined to provide cost effective solutions to their customers.

Grace Corbino, of Blue Frog Technologies, LLC said, “It is a privilege to partner with a firm that has an incredible reputation and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wastewater sector. Both Pelton Environmental and Blue Frog Technologies, LLC agree that the State of Kentucky has untapped potential for the installation of the low-cost Blue Frog patented technology. We are excited to provide Jim Pelton and his team with the resources needed to help Municipalities and Engineering firms in providing them with a long-term sustainable solution to help them meet their stewardship initiatives. For more information, visit

About Blue Frog Technology, LLC
RevO2 Solutions, LLC is the parent company of Blue Frog Technologies, LLC. RevO2 Solutions is an innovative wastewater technology company that provides sustainable solutions to optimize treatment strategies. Blue Frog Technology is a Hybrid Aeration System that bio dredges sludge in situ. Blue Frog’s circulators stir up the water to create radial outflowing currents within the lagoon, each moving up to seven million gallons of wastewater per day. The system selects indigenous microbes already present in the pond and incubates new bacteria to populate high-quality microbes. For more information, visit

Source: Blue Frog Technology, LLC