Datasheet | July 21, 2017

Biotube® ProSTEP™ Pump Package Datasheet

Source: Orenco Systems, Inc.

The Biotube ProSTEP is designed to filter and pump effluent to an effluent sewer system (aka “STEP" system or "pressure sewer" system). It is intended for use in either a one- or two-compartment septic tank.

Orenco’s Biotube® ProSTEP™ is a complete, integrated pump package for filtering and pumping effluent from septic tanks that are a part of an effluent sewer collection system. Its patented pump vault technology eliminates the need for a separate septic tank and pump tank.

The ProSTEP Biotube filter can be removed for cleaning without the need to remove the pump vault or pump, simplifying servicing and keeping the O&M costs of the effluent sewer low.