Case Study

Case Study: Biothane Delivers Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment To Veryfine Products

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

Veryfine’s ongoing commitment to preserving the environment led them to upgrade their existing activated sludge system which included two aeration lagoons. Over the years Veryfine consulted with the University of Massachusetts researches and engineering consultants to develop a concept and bid specification for a design build facility to enhance its wastewater treatment capabilities.

Biothane’s turnkey project was designed to treat wastewater by providing a series of treatment processes. Pre-treatment consists of a bar screen, influent sump, grit removal and rotary screen to remove debris from the influent stream. Once filtered, the wastewater is then pumped to the anaerobic plant.

The new treatment plant is a complex series of processes that include preliminary treatment, anaerobic treatment, aerobic polishing treatment, and finally a combination phosphorous removal, filtration, disinfection and post aeration process.

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