Big Pipe, Big Consequences


When you go really big on pipe, the stakes get higher. Maintenance and energy costs can easily skyrocket, and failure on components such as valves is not an option.

American Flow Control is a division of American Cast Iron Pipe Company, so they understand big pipe requirements as well as anyone in the market. Derek Scott of American Flow Control sat down with Water Online Radio and talked about the importance of choosing the right valve for the job. Here’s a snippet of the conversation…

“We supply valves from 2 to 66 inch in diameter – that larger one being as tall as 13 feet and weighing 30,000 pounds. What we're finding is that people are taking water greater distances, over elevation changes … and, on occasion, require a little higher pressure. So we introduced our Series 3500 gate valve. Our Series 2500 was rated at 250 psi; we've taken that a step further, rating [the Series 3500] at 350.”

That covers pressure, but what about costs?

“We're finding as much as 75 to 80 percent labor savings,” said Scott. “That's significant when you have large valves.”

“Pumping cost through a gate valve is a tenth of what it is through a butterfly [valve],” he added, “and you don't have anything in the waterway – it's a full opening.”

According to Scott, American’s gate valves are also “very maintenance friendly and much more durable [than butterfly valves], so you can pretty much put them in, cycle them once a year, and you’re good to go.”

Hear more of Scott’s testimony and learn more about American Flow Control’s product line by tuning in to the full interview.

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