Better Data Handling With 2D Smart Labels


Smart, Quick, Easy - with 2D labels.

With our new smart data label with 2D barcode, you're just one touch away from digitalized and up-to-date product data. No need to manually copy batch numbers into your system, search for CoA or SDS and no more typos, which lead to confusion and twice the work. The product data is digitally available, just scan the new 2D Data Matrix code on our smart product label.

The 2D Data Matrix barcode contains the product data encoded using Global Standard One (GS1) specifications, which allows for processing directly in your LIMS or ERP system. For maximum convenience, you can also use our website or scan directly with our App. These barcodes provide seamless access to essential product information (Item Code, Batch Number, Shelf Life, etc.) and product documentation (CoA, SDS, etc.)


  • Easy, quick and convenient access to product data
  • Seamless access to safety data
  • Mobile access via App
  • Simple access via website with a hand-held scanner
  • Direct processing in LIMS or ERP

3 smart ways to easy data access – choose/pick what works for you

  • Smartphone and App
       – Use your smartphone and our new app
  • Barcode Scanner
       – Use a common scanner connected to your PC or laptop
       – Open our Scan Now page to access your product data.
  • Our App and Scan Now website provides access to additional product information such as CoAs, Safety Data Sheets and Specifications.
  • Scan the 2D barcode out of your LIMS or ERP system to directly insert relevant product data in your application.

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