Best Practices For Sustainable Water Management


There is a lot of talk about innovation in water and wastewater, but innovation serves as the means to a more important end, which is sustainability. The prime objective is safe and readily available water for generations to come, requiring systems in place to sustain those needs. That's where innovation comes in, because resources become stressed as populations grow and current systems, especially in their state of disrepair, will not be able to keep pace. Financial sustainability is also a concern, and new technologies are often focused on efficiency — the ability to do more with less.

Hence the focus on innovation. For many, it is a required undertaking. But how to get started, and how to do it right?

In this interview with Water Talk, Jason Carter of Arcadis, Doug Owen of Owen Water Consulting, and Ed Means of Means Consulting share survey results and workshop ideas from water operations around the world, boiling it all down into a framework and an implementation pathway for other utilities to build innovation programs and manage ideas as critical assets within their organization.

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