Case Study

BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) And High Resolution, E-Series Ultrasonic Meters Create A Winning Combination

Source: Badger Meter

When Waterworks District 3 of Beauregard Parish, La., began to research new water meters to replace its aging system, it didn’t take long to decide that the BEACON AMA managed solution was the right fit. As the first BEACON AMA starter kit sold by distributor Rural Pipe & Supply, District 3 started its deployment before the four-month trial was over. “As soon as I learned about BEACON AMA, I let District 3 know, and they were on board right from our first conversation,” says Todd Stott, sales rep from Rural Pipe & Supply. “Even though they are only partially deployed, they’ve seen the benefits and have convinced other utilities to sign up for the starter kits as well.”