News | February 13, 2015

Baker Brook, New Brunswick, Canada

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited
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Project Completed by The Panel Shop Inc., Fredericton, NB

Located on the Saint John River, Baker Brook is a small village in Madawaska County, New Brunswick.

Mike Hickey is the lead Design Technologist with The Panel Shop in Fredericton; the Systems Integration company responsible for upgrading the Village’s water and wastewater SCADA application. “The existing system needed a complete overhaul and the old SCADA system could not be updated.”

“Additionally, the old system did not have the capability of voice alarms and the support of the existing product was not very good.”

Hickey and his team chose to switch to VTScada software for the following reasons:

  1. “Support! Support! Support! Did I mention the great technical support Trihedral has for VTScada?”
  2. “The ease of use and its rich set of features”
  3. "It works with the existing radio system and PLCs.”

He describes the setup of the system as follows:

  • “Three Duplex sewerage lift stations are being monitored and sending alarms. I/O is being polled directly from the Wireless Radio I/O and a MultiRanger 200 connected to the serial port of the radios.”
  • “The Fresh water Reservoir level is monitored and alarmed on low and high levels. The levels are also transmitted to the well house for control of well pumps.”
  • “The fresh water Booster Station is monitored and alarmed. The I/O is being sent directly from the wireless Radio I/O.”
  • “In the Well House we are monitoring four wells, two Chlorine Pumps, three Well Pumps (current, voltages, and speed), three flow meters, and a turbidity meter.”
  • “Reporting of all alarms.”
  • “Operators can override automatic control of all well pumps remotely using VTScada.” “Overall, a very successful upgrade with a happy repeat customer.”

SOURCE: Trihedral Engineering Limited

Trihedral Engineering Limited