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Badger Meter To Show Full Range Of Smart Water Solutions At ACE23

Source: Badger Meter

Learn how smart metering, water quality and pressure monitoring provide actionable data at booth 1219

Milwaukee, WI — Badger Meter will showcase its suite of smart water solutions for the complete water cycle at booth 1219 during AWWA ACE23 in Toronto, June 11–14.

With a 118-year history of water technology innovation, Badger Meter continues to expand its portfolio. The company’s solutions operationalize data into actionable insights to aid in sustainable water management.

“Although our heritage is in flow measurement, we have moved beyond the meter. The core of our solutions are data and analytics that we transform into actionable intelligence,” said Ken Bockhorst, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Badger Meter, “empowering water utilities to capture revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve customer satisfaction, optimize assets and enhance sustainability.”

Intelligent Measurement

Badger Meter products accurately and reliably measure flow, temperature, pressure, water quality and other key parameters. These solutions deliver the right data, in the right place and at the right time, enabling customers to better monitor their operations and address potential issues before problems occur:

  • pipe::scan is an NSF/ANSI/CAN 61- and 372-certified modular sensor system that measures up to 10 water quality parameters, including organics, without the maintenance, chemicals and bypass streams associated with traditional solutions.

“Having access to accurate, real-time data about your system's water quality means you can react faster to changes, instead of waiting on time-consuming lab results,” said Matt Stuyvenberg, Vice President of Software and Water Quality at Badger Meter.

  • MetriNet is a low-power, modular system that monitors water quality for eight parameters at remote locations, offering continuous data collection from anywhere in a distribution network. It can be installed in a telemetry bollard that is secure, serviceable, flame-retardant and vandal-resistant, which simplifies installation and alleviates concerns associated with underground installations.
  • PIPEMINDER offers high-resolution pressure monitoring for water distribution and wastewater collection networks. It provides intelligent data collection to expand network visibility, in addition to transient data analysis and acoustic leak detection to extend asset life and prevent pipe failures.
  • E-Series® Ultrasonic meters offer low-flow capture and long-term accuracy for residential and light commercial smart water applications. Using solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof and UV-resistant housing, these meters present consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication and alarms to help proactively manage water systems.

Reliable Communication

Cellular technology has opened the door to new opportunities for water utilities. ORION® Cellular endpoints take advantage of the reliability of cellular networks to deliver two-way communication of meter reading and other data to utilities.

“Cellular networks are robust and resilient," said Kim Stoll, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Badger Meter, “resulting in industry-leading performance that’s flexible and scalable to meet your needs now and in the future.”

Actionable Data

Secure data storage and analytics are vital to meter data management, customer engagement, network monitoring and water quality. Data and analytics also enable utilities to enhance customer service processes and minimize non-revenue water loss.

Badger Meter solutions make data available in near real-time, accessible anywhere in the field or office. With the ability to integrate with other software and SCADA systems, these platforms bring clarity to operations:

  • BEACON® Software as a Service (SaaS) combines the intuitive power of BEACON with ORION® Cellular endpoints and other sensors, including flow meters, pipe::scan, MetriNet and PIPEMINDER. This SaaS provides utility management with instant access to metering data, system alerts and water quality parameters, allowing for greater visibility and control.
  • RADAR, an intuitive cloud-based platform, aggregates and analyzes PIPEMINDER sensor data to send event notifications. It can be used proactively to calm networks, reduce leakage, prevent breaks and, ultimately, extend asset life for potable distribution and wastewater collection networks.
  • Offered with BEACON, the EyeOnWater® consumer engagement tool gives direct access to water consumption data through a user-friendly app and web portal, empowering customers to easily view, understand and manage their water usage.

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