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Badger Meter To Feature Solutions For Intelligent Measurement, Water Quality And More At WEFTEC 2022

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Milwaukee, WI - Badger Meter will present solutions for intelligent measurement, reliable communication and actionable data at booth 529 during the WEFTEC 2022 conference and exhibition, October 10‒12 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Badger Meter portfolio now includes two water quality monitoring brands, Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATi) and s::can GmbH. These acquisitions have strengthened the company’s end-to-end solutions, which can help customers mitigate risk, reduce costs, capture revenue and more.

“We’re excited to return to WEFTEC and share how our offerings can provide customers with greater intelligence and visibility. Our new water quality monitoring capabilities add to the benefits of security, resiliency and efficiency we provide across the entire water cycle,” said Matt Stuyvenberg, Vice President of Water Quality at Badger Meter.

Intelligent Measurement

Intelligent measurement includes critical parameters like flow, temperature, pressure and quality. Experts will be available to discuss how the following elements can offer a complete analysis of your system:

  • Flow measurement
    • The Dynasonics® TFX-5000 Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter attaches to a pipe’s exterior to measure the volumetric flow of clean liquids as well as those with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, such as surface water or raw sewage. Applications include lift stations, booster pump stations and water mains.
    • The ModMAG® M2000 Electromagnetic flow meter measures the flow of water and conductive liquids with zero straight run required. Its performance has been validated to OIML/MID standards, providing accuracies of ±1% with zero straight run up or down or ±0.2% with appropriate straight run.
  • Water quality monitoring
    • The Q46H residual chlorine monitor offers free or combined chlorine measurement and provides easy online monitoring and control of chlorination systems with minimal maintenance, no reagents and automatic pH compensation. 
    • The spectro::lyser V3 is the next generation of spectrometers for online water quality monitoring and a powerful tool in wastewater treatment optimization. It uses UV-Vis spectrometry over the total range (190…750 nm) to monitor individual, application-specific parameters, including TSS, TS, turbidity, color, TOC, DOC, BOD, COD, NO3-N, NO3, chloramine, HS-, O3, CLD, Chl-a, BTX, UV254, fingerprints, spectral alarms and temperature.
    • i::scan, the new miniature multiparameter spectrophotometer probe, offers the high performance of a multi-wavelength spectrophotometer at an affordable price point. It monitors TSS, COD, COD f, turbidity, TOC, DOC, UV254, UV254 f, color, UVT10, UVT10 f, UVT100 f and temperature.
  • Gas monitoring
    • The D12 digital gas detector can detect toxic and combustible gases. It accepts up to 46 different sensors, which reduces the requirement of multiple transmitter models.

Reliable Communication

Across the entire water treatment cycle—collection, filtration, aeration, treatment, disinfection, dosing, pumping and distribution—operations managers depend on accurate, reliable flow meters to ensure operations run smoothly and safely. The latest technology, including communication protocols, ensures users are in the know:

Actionable Data

Obtaining data is only one piece of the puzzle. For data to be truly valuable, it must support proactive decision-making for optimized management:

  • BEACON is a powerful analytics solution that helps monitor system operation, maintain safety and make informed decisions with 15-minute interval data that is received four times per workday at a configurable schedule.
  • AquaCUE is an intuitive software suite that enables greater visibility and control over water resources when combined with cellular endpoints. Users can set customizable dashboards and view hourly meter reads to identify leaks and other anomalies.

Visit booth 529 to explore how intelligent measurement, reliable communication and actionable data give municipal, commercial and industrial customers greater visibility, efficiency and control. Learn more at

About Badger Meter

With more than a century of water technology innovation, Badger Meter is a global provider of industry leading water solutions encompassing flow measurement, quality and other system parameters. These offerings provide our customers with the data and analytics essential to optimize their operations and contribute to the sustainable use and protection of the world’s most precious resource. For more information, visit

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