News | April 21, 2014

Axine Water Technologies Moves To Larger Facility To Support Expanding Team & Technology Development


Well positioned to triple employees, complete final cell scale-up & prepare for 2015 field pilots by year-end

Axine Water Technologies, developers of a low-cost, chemical-free solution for treating high concentrations of problematic toxic organics, ammonia, and other pollutants in industrial wastewater, recently announced it has moved into a new, larger office and lab to facilitate team growth and the Company’s goal to deliver first field pilots of its breakthrough industrial wastewater treatment technology in early 2015.

“With an extensive hiring and commercialization plan this year, it was critical to move into the right sized facility to accommodate our expanding team and to meet product development requirements,” said Jonathan Rhone, President & CEO of Axine. “Our lab has tripled in size making it more efficient to complete technology scale-up, customer wastewater testing, and manufacturing of pilot plants for delivery to customer sites.”

Axine’s revolutionary approach to treating high concentrations of non-biodegradable, toxic wastewater without chemicals at a lower cost compared to conventional solutions stands to be a game-changer for oil & gas, refining, chemicals, waste management, and other industries experiencing this expensive pain point. Toxic organics are one of the most difficult problems to solve in industrial wastewater but incumbent technologies and current practices – from off-site disposal and deep well injection to incineration - are either ineffective or too expensive. Based on lab testing to date, Axine has confirmed the efficacy and economics of its novel electrochemical oxidation technology on real-world wastewaters which it will continue to do in its new, expanded facility as the Company moves towards commercialization.

About Axine Water Technologies
Axine has developed a low-cost, chemical-free solution for treating high concentrations of problematic, toxic organics, ammonia, and other pollutants in industrial wastewater solving a multi-billion dollar problem for large companies in a wide range of industries. Its energy-efficient, scalable system treats recalcitrant and non-biodegradable organics and some inorganics (up to 10,000 mg/L COD) at lower cost than conventional solutions. And due to its compact, modular design, it is designed to seamlessly “plug into” existing treatment plants, targeting specific pain points without disruption to current processes. This means for the first time, oil & gas, refining, chemical production, and other heavy industries can avoid the production bottlenecks, high treatment and disposal costs, water reuse limitations, and difficulties meeting increasingly tougher regulations that have plagued them for decades. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Axine Water Technologies