Video | April 12, 2018

AWWA: Farm Bill Key In Protecting Drinking Water

Runoff from farmlands can carry nutrients, insecticides and sediment that impact source water for downstream communities.

That's why the American Water Works Association (AWWA) is urging U.S. Congress to use the upcoming Farm Bill reauthorization to help farmers and water utilities work together to protect drinking water. This video explains the challenge of preventing excess nutrient runoff that can cause harmful algal blooms and demonstrates how partnerships can benefit both agriculture producers and water utilities.

“Water utilities and farmers are eager to collaborate on projects that protect public health and the environment, reduce the cost of water treatment and help farmers succeed,” said Tracy Mehan, AWWA executive director of government affairs. “Our nation’s farmers do heroic work to put food on the tables of Americans every day. There’s an opportunity through the Farm Bill to encourage partnerships that allow them to meet their production goals while protecting our nation’s drinking water.”