News | March 11, 2014

Award Recipient THM Precursor, DOC, Iron, Color Removal With Zero Liquid Discharge

Purifics has received an award for its FDR (Filter, Destroy, and Recover) water purification process that removes THM precursors, DOC, iron, color and with zero liquid discharge in a single unit operation for a 1mgd drinking water facility in a Mississippi district.

CUF (Carbide Ultra Filtration), enhanced with DeWRS (Dewatering Recovery System), eliminates the need and cost of large coagulant basins and mixers, filter press technology and liquid reject.

In this drinking water application CUF maintains 248 gfd at 5 PSI TMP, successfully removes color from 150 cu below 3 cu, 100% of iron and obtains over 60% DOC removal such that final THMs and HAAs are well below MCLs.

DeWRS dewaters and concentrates DOC and iron in an automated process, achieving zero liquid discharge. This creates a very low volume sludge that is easily transported to digesters or landfill.

Purifics’ innovative FDR approach has become novel in the water purification industry as it encompasses the total solution to water challenges in a single platform.

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Purifics’ Chemical Free FDR Technology provides sustainable solutions to purify, condition and control water with economic and environmental advantages.

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SOURCE: Purifics