As water resource reclamation facilities (WRRF) desire to divert more carbon towards energy generation, it becomes harder and more expensive to remove the remaining nutrients from the wastewater. This is where AvN™ comes into play as an overall process control philosophy promoting intensification.

AvN advances the controls over the important relationships between bacterial populations by utilizing advanced instrumentation, control, and automation (ICA) that applies selective pressure to aid in the segregation and promotion of desired populations. The process facilitates energy efficiency and achieves results at the lowest chemical and electrical energy inputs. Maximizing the carbon to energy process allows WRRFs to seriously consider energy self-sufficiency and develop a sensible path to becoming a facility profit.


  • More efficient removal of total nitrogen (TN) at the lowest total energy cost possible
  • Reduced alkalinity, carbon and energy
  • Requires very little to no changes to the existing plant footprint
  • Saves 25% oxygen and 40% organic carbon compared to conventional nitrification and denitrification
  • Aeration savings
  • Redirection of influent organic carbon for energy production through anaerobic digestion

A portion of proceeds from the sales of AvN goes towards funding further non-profit research in wastewater.