News | February 17, 2014

Avista Technologies Showcases Proprietary Black Box Technology During AWWA/AMTA 2014 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition


Avista Technologies,a globally recognized and trusted supplier of water treatment chemicals and expert process support for membrane systems, has announced that they will be featuring their new innovation in system troubleshooting and optimization: The Black Box.

On Monday, March 10th, during the AWWA/AMTA 2014 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, Avista will host a reception at Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to bring together membrane technology’s key industry leaders. The event will highlight the The Black Box, a self-contained, spiral-wound membrane sampling device that accomplishes system troubleshooting without sacrificing a full membrane for autopsy or interrupting system operation.

“During AWWA/AMTA 2014, the membrane industry’s most celebrated gathering, we thought we would demonstrate a part of what makes our company so special,” said Avista President Dave Walker. “The Black Box gives Avista the ability to work with a variety of different industries that use membrane technology and provide them with real answers to their operational challenges. The Black Box is an excellent addition to our other analytical services”. Select industry leaders and executives will get a look at the capabilities of theBlack Box firsthand.

The reception is by invitation only and will take place at Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Avista will invite guests to enjoy a vast selection of food and a hosted bar. The event will also showcase the company’s newlogo andexpanded marketing.

On Thursday, March 13th from 3:30 pm 4:00pm in Session TH-4D-1, Avista’s Technical Support Director Lee Durham will deliver a presentation on the Black Box technology to further explain the unique value of this innovative device. All are welcome to attend.

The AWWA/AMTA 2014 Membrane Technology joint conference and exposition showcases how membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality while also revealing new industry innovations.

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SOURCE: Avista Technologies